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We tailor manufacturer’s digital assets, product specs and sales sheets into a brand approved online training session for retail sales. We know that providing facts and specs are important. Sharing knowledge instills confidence. Providing the foundation for dialogue at the sales level is essential in building brand ambassadors, and providing knowledge, attention and rewards is a motivator for building expertise. Echoes is the key for teaching, communicating and selling innovative products. Contact us and we will schedule an introduction to this service and provide you with the means to decide on taking your business one step closer to success at retail

Our training venue is geared to motivate sales, increase conversions, and build confidence for the sales force. Here are some considerations with regards to our online training program.

  • Customized Training . This means that the brand message, the unique features and benefits will be communicated in a way that can be easily adapted into sales dialogue.
  • Professional Approach. The sales training will never be ‘dumbed down.’ We know that training is an investment and providing a professional service will encourage sales associates to take the sales experience to the next level.
  • Uncomplicated Lesson. The training experience has to be simple and applicable to the everyday sales dialogue. Providing talking points is important. Content has to be user friendly and easily adoptable by the sales team.
  • Clear communication . Education on features is important. Translating these into benefits is even more important. Being able to apply these to the individual audience is the key to success.
  • Instant Access. Training programs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the retailer this means eliminating shift conflicts and removing the sales force from the sales floor. For the sales associate, this means eliminating early morning or
    weekend meetings.
  • Availability . Online training is readily accessible from a variety of devices and allows sales associates to take lessons whether on the sales floor, at home, or on the go. They simply have to log in and learn.