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Considerations for Online Training

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Considerations for Online Training

You are a mattress retailer. You get the call; a mattress manufacturer is sending their representative to the store to meet with your Retail Sales Associates. This weekend. Saturday. Now all you have to do is get all of your staff to the store an hour before opening. What’s the motivation for your team? Donuts? Coffee? Mandatory attendance?

For many retailers, this is the traditional form of training. A good trainer can be the face of the brand and create a lasting relationship with the sales associates. A less traditional form of training takes place online. Outside of cost savings, there are some considerations that are boosting the use and success of online training.

Unlike traditional in store training, online training programs don’t rely on one personality but a team of professionals to build the content of the program. These influencers will pull from the best in sales articles and tips, from sales resources and sales contacts, as well as their own sales experience.

You see it happen all the time, the manufacturers representatives are excited about the product and their efforts and love to share the features and specs that make their product different. That’s great but focus for sales training has to be not only on features but benefits that can be communicated in a way that can be easily adapted into the sales dialogue. Without the personal investment in product development, online training tends to focus more on the sales dialogue.

With in store training reinforcement tends to end when the meeting ends. Online training usually offers tests to reinforce understanding on multiple skill levels. Furthermore, there are post training action plans to include re-evaluation, and a means to share product updates, articles and sales advice.

Since online training programs are available to RSAs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and accessible from a variety of devices, scheduling conflicts for in store meetings are eliminated.

Personal support for RSAs post training is an important feature to both training formats. No one should ever feel alone in the process. To build better brand ambassadors at the retail sales level, training in any format is important and should be ongoing.

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