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Echoes was created by two executives who experienced the frustration of ineffective brand representation by both inside and outside salespeople. We had successful brand building experience and knew that it takes true dedication to learning and projecting that brand in the process of getting retail placement. We didn’t want a sales process, we wanted a sales commitment. Building Echoes gave us the opportunity to make that commitment a reality.

We created a sales team with experience at every level of developing a retail business. We made sure that we were able to support all of our existing retailer relationships across the nation and introduce manufacturer’s brands to new retailer opportunities.

We had experienced the struggle of being able to support training at the retail store level. Expense approval and the commitment to dedicated training was no longer a priority. We know that training is essential for success at retail. We created an online training program that is supported by a team that has experience in training and sales techniques. We want our manufacturers to feel confident that their product will have its best opportunity at retail.

Training is a key element to your product’s success at retail. Echoes can also help you get the most out of your retail opportunity. What sets Echoes apart is our benefit based approach which arms retail sales associates with solutions, rather than just answers. Retail salespeople are risk averse, and will avoid situations (and products) when they they can not speak intelligently. Echoes is uniquely qualified to help get your message and product to the top of mind, which means your sales increase, and stays on the floor longer.