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Why Choose Echoes?
Our sales service is commission based and focuses on key national retail accounts within the mattress, furniture and specialty categories.
Our customized training packages are available as a separate service and geared to motivate sales, increase conversions, and build confidence for the retail sales force.
Relationships are important to us. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the utmost in professional services.

Echoes focuses on Key National Accounts in the mattress, furniture and specialty market

Increase same store sales as much as 65% through customized online training.

Trust Echoes to get your message and your brand image to market.

Echoes is a unique full service sales and training resource. Our sales team works closely with key accounts in the mattress, furniture and specialty market . Our training team can develop a custom online training program to support the sales experience at retail.

Echoes works with some of the most influential retailers in the industry and represents products with a unique selling proposition that can be translated into a consumer’s lifestyle. Our industry experience has taught us that success stems from placing the right product, with the right retailer, for the right customer.

Echoes offers a custom sales training system specifically tailored to each product that provides comprehensive product knowledge, training and selling instructions for specific brands and products to support successful sales dialogue for the retail sales associate. We know that to provide sales associates with education, engagement and intelligence will ultimately build confidence. Associates who are confident are more likely to engage with customers about a particular brand and will become brand advocates. The ultimate goal is achieved; increasing conversions at retail, which leads to increased sales. Studies show that product training can increase same store sales by as much as 65%.

Why Choose Echoes?


Echoes is made up of a team of professionals with experiences that range from retail buying, merchandise management, product design and development, brand management, manufacturing, wholesaler representation, and professional sales training.


Echoes operates as a full service sales resource, working with the most influential retailers in the industry. As a separate service Echoes offers online sales training specifically tailored to the brand.


Echoes is made up of a team of individuals who have proven track records of success. Our team has successfully built businesses, worked with some of the most innovative brands and brought them to retail with healthy business growth.


Echoes has years of experience in the marketplace and maintains a standard of staying on top of business trends.


Echoes understands the importance of representing the brand as an extension of our services. We believe in protecting and projecting the brand from introduction to the retail buyer, to the point of closing the sale with the consumer.


Echoes is a commission based sales rep group eliminating the need for salary structures, employment and travel related expenses.

A Unique Full Service Sales and Training Resource